Organic Barley Grass

Did You Know That Organic Barley Grass Has Great Benefits?

Organic barley grass is simply an astounding source of nutrition. Generally speaking, grass is not the first thing that comes to anyone’s mind when they think of food. Yet organic barley grass is one of the few foods that is truly complete and capable of sustaining our lives from birth until death.

Barley grass has been said to have more iron than spinach, as much as 30 times the vitamin B1 as cow’s milk and 11 times more calcium! All in one neat, perfect little package, too. It may surprise you to learn that barley grass, at the time harvested for juice and powders, is nearly 40% protein. It has almost five times the minerals that accompany which accompany animal protein and it has the added benefit of not coming burdened with large amounts of fat.

Most people are aware that eating vegetables is part of maintaining a healthy diet. For those that just can’t get down with vegetable flavours or textures, though, organic barley grass products may help bridge the gap between an all carb/meat diet and one that is more balanced. Barley grass is a natural source of fibre, as well, making it an idea start to a natural but gentle cleanse. Green vegetables in particular are essential for supporting a healthy cardiovascular system. Minerals and vitamins such as Vitamin K, iron, Vitamin B12, folic acid, chlorophyll and calcium are all contained in leafy, dark green vegetables but not a single one even comes close to what can be found in barley grass. So if you’re struggling to maintain a healthy diet, or if you just can’t get past the texture or flavour or green vegetables, consider trying organic barley grass supplements.


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