Wheatgrass Products

Wheatgrass Products Safe and Effective Dietary Supplements

Wheatgrass products have long been recognised for their unique, nutritional benefits. Research has confirmed the value of cereal leaf as a complete food and it can be found in a natural synergistic form that makes an ideal dietary supplement. Wheatgrass products are natural food products, made entirely from leaf harvested when the wheat plant is still in it’s grass-like stage. This is before stem elongation and before seed head formation. The plants nutritional value reaches a peak for important dietary components at the stage. Vitamins, minerals, amino acids, chlorophyll and carotenes are at their highest concentration during the early part of the wheat’s development.

Wheatgrass products are a good source of vitamin E, which is an anti-oxidant that provides protection for cells against free radical damage. Free radical damage may lead to disorders of the heart and possibly even cancer. Vitamin E is recognised as helping the body’s immune system, particularly during times of stress or viral illness.

When your lifestyle makes eating well a difficult task, wheatgrass products can help. Powders can be mixed with beverages and consumed as a dietary supplement or even sprinkled onto food. Some products are available in capsulated form and can be taken along with your medication or vitamins in the morning. These products are safe even for a Celiac, as they contain no actual wheat, as the products are made from the immature grass. As such, the product is naturally gluten free and safe for anyone with gluten intolerance. Wheatgrass products have a history of helping people feel better, maintain a healthy immune system and experience renewed energy.


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