What is Wheatgrass?

As the world’s attention turns evermore towards green healthy living, people are becoming more familiar with the term “wheatgrass”. For many, though, it is a term with little meaning and only registers as a healthy, hippy food or product. What exactly is wheatgrass, anyway?

Wheatgrass is the species of grass that eventually matures into wheat. Most of us associate wheat with tall, golden coloured stalks of grass-like plants with heads of grain that can be ground to produce flours and other food sources. Some of us associate wheat with poison due to allergies or gluten intolerance. Yet what we think of when wheat comes to mind is actually fully matured wheatgrass. Most grasses grow up to be tall like that, with seed heads and all. When wheat is still young and hasn’t begun to mature sexually, it’s short and green, just like any other grass. The leaves are at their maximum nutritional value at that stage of development as there is no grain present at all, there is no gluten or allergenic bits at all. Wheat grass is surprisingly digestible for human beings, as we normally can’t eat grass.

Obviously, eating a great big bowl of grass, no matter what its species, isn’t something that is going to appeal to most normal people. As such, wheatgrass products have come on to the market as dietary supplements. They can be found as powders, liquids, capsulated pills and so on. Wheat grass is very high in minerals, vitamins and anti-oxidants, making it an ideal source of nutrition for even the busiest person.


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