Barley Grass Powder Benefits

Barley grass leaf, in the young green stage is purported to be the most prolific, balanced supply of nutrients of any single food source. (Hagiwara, 1985). It is promoted by its champions as a complete food and a rapidly assimilated source of energy.

It is so rich in nutrients that it contains 30 times more vitamin B1than milk, 5 times more iron than spinach as well as containing large amounts of beta-carotene, potassium, calcium and magnesium. It is a very alkaline food which is quite neutralizing to the system. It is naturally high in enzymes particularly S.O.D. (Super –oxide dismutase), which is an antioxidant enzyme that protects our cells from free radical damage. It is also believed to reduce arthritic inflammation and encourage tissue repair for the heart, kidney, pancreas and bowel in particular.

Barley grass provides generous amounts of natural chlorophyll which has a purifying effect on the body enabling it to eliminate toxins that could lead to disease.

Chlorophyll has figured prominently in medical research into tissue healing and it also has a recognised deodorising effect on the body. Some nutritionists have proposed that many diets today are highly acid in balance. As barley leaf powder is alkaline, it is therefore useful in restoring a pH balance.

Barley leaf is naturally high in enzymes that in particular have an anti– peptic ulcer and anti-inflammatory function. It has been suggested that 65% of our food has been processed in a way that destroys all enzymes (Swope, 1987). Nutrigreen’s low temperature drying process therefore plays a significant role in maintaining these valuable enzymes.

Our Green Barley is harvested, dehydrated and powdered in the same locality and is not subjected to any heat, friction or other processes which could cause loss of nutrients. The equipment which we use concentrates the green barley shoots into a micro fine powder and is a world first. With this technology we can provide optimum nutrition in its most natural form.

Imported Green Juice Powder products have arrived on the market with fantastic claims.

Fact: these products can contain up to 25% malto dextrin. This is a combination of maltose and dextrin, both simple sugars.

Note: The Australian and new Zealand food authority officially class malto dextrin as sugar.

Fact: the imported juice products contain approximately identical amounts of crude fibre as the Nutrigreen Green Barley. This is found to be from the cooked brown rice which has been added and does not contain all the nutrients that green barley contains in the comparable volume of fibre found within the shoots.

**Nutrigreen Australia are the only commercial producer and manufacturer of field grown Barley Grass Powder in Australia.**

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