Barley Grass Powder

Barley Grass Powder for the Childbearing Years

The childbearing years are a time of great change and becoming for a woman. Her body and her spirit are both in a state of flux as they are busy with creation and nurturing another human being within them and then later, nourishing that same little being (or beings!) with their bodies. During this precious time of change and growth, life can get pretty busy, making it difficult to eat well. Pregnancy related illness can also make getting adequate nutrition into mom difficult at times.

Barley grass powder is a wonderful way of getting around this problem. For women suffering from hyperemesis of pregnancy, keeping anything down, particularly pregnancy vitamins, becomes a chore that is both unpleasant and often unsuccessful. Unlike vitamin pills, though, barley grass powder is processed from a plant that more closely resembles a vegetable in composition than a grain. As such, once it'’s powdered, it'’s absorbed extremely quickly by the body, provided balanced nutrition in a way that food Mom can keep down may not be able to do. Packed full of enzymes, minerals, vitamins and amino acids, barley grass powder is a convenient way to keep up adequate nutrition for mom while she learns to feed and nurture her newborn, juggle her other duties (such as cooking) and still manage to get a few hours of sleep.

For the nursing mother, barley grass powder can be the difference between poor and excellent nutrition. Having a new baby often means grab-meals and thing that are easy to eat with one hand. A little barley grass powder might be just the thing to ease any concerns mom may have regarding her diet.


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