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Alfalfa Products Helpful During Changes

Women spend their lives growing and changing. One could say that a woman is in a state of becoming from the day of her birth. This is certainly no less true as she advances in age and moves away from her fertile years. Menopause can be a difficult time for women, as the hormonal changes can feel like biological storms raging within her. Easing the symptoms of menopause can be accomplished in many ways but one of the most significant things a woman can do to help herself ease through this transitory period in her life is make sure she is getting excellent nutrition.

Alfalfa products can be a huge help. Not only is alfalfa packed absolutely to bursting with essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids, but it’s also a rich source of phytoestrogen, making it a natural and ideal supplement for the ease of menopausal symptoms.

Alfalfa products come in all sorts of ways but perhaps the most indulgent are the teas. Alfalfa tea is like sipping on a cup of pure nature. It has a lively, full green flavour. Some people love it and some do not care for it and for those, there are capsules, pills and powders. Alfalfa products consist of active medicinal properties as well as nutritional properties. Saponin glycosides may promote cholesterol lowering effects while derivatives of coumarin seem to reduce blood clotting and may help protect the body from atherosclerosis (fatty plaque build-up along artery walls). Alfalfa products can help enrich and improve a woman’'s life.


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