Alfalfa Leaf

What'’s So Special About Alfalfa Leaf?

Alfalfa leaf is an excellent example of a powerful super food used medically. This herb is well known around the world and used for both preventative care and acute conditions.

This herb’s dark green colour comes from large quantities of chlorophyll. This iron rich substance will help prevent anaemia, but unlike conventional iron supplements, actually has a gentle laxative effect. A wide array of other minerals are also present in smaller quantities.

Alfalfa is also very high in calcium as well as vitamin K2, which work with each other to prevent bone loss in older adults. Vitamin K is also present in large quantities to aid in blood clotting. Other vitamins in alfalfa leaf include B vitamins, A, D and E.

Powdered alfalfa leaf is an easily disguised whole food dietary supplement. Despite being low in calories, alfalfa is high in protein when compared to most other plants. Protein makes up as much as 25% of the weight of dried alfalfa, making it surprisingly nutrient dense. In addition to being high in protein, it contains substantial amounts of 13 vitamins and is 15% fibre. It can be mixed into smoothies or cooked into food without changing the flavour significantly.

Powdered alfalfa can be prohibitively expensive, but growing alfalfa sprouts is relatively cheap, making it an affordable dietary supplement for anybody. These sprouts make a tasty, fresh green for salads or sandwiches. Alfalfa sprouts can also be added to food and disappear into most recipes. Dried alfalfa leaves are also available inexpensively at most health food stores and online for making homemade infusions.

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