Alfalfa Benefits

Who Stands To Gain From Alfalfa Benefits?

It’s safe to say that this incredible herb has benefits for every developmental phase from cradle to grave. The word alfalfa is derived from an Arabic phrase meaning “father of all foods”. Evidence of organic alfalfa being used nutritionally and medicinally has been found in China, India and the Arabic world for centuries.

A new mum drinking infusion of alfalfa (similar to tea, but stronger) will find that her milk supply is increased substantially. The calcium and vitamin K in the alfalfa will help prevent postpartum haemorrhage. After the child is weaned, alfalfa can be included in his diet in the form of infusions to mix with juice. Unlike iron supplements, the chlorophyll in alfalfa is gentle to the stomach and will not cause constipation.

As girls enter puberty, alfalfa benefits will continue to help her by preventing or minimising menstrual cramps and excess blood loss. It also contains a gentle diuretic to keep young women from feeling bloated during their menses. As they continue to grow, alfalfa infusions continue to be an important dietary supplement. The calcium in alfalfa is easily absorbed and the K2 will help fortify the skeleton’s structure, helping to prevent osteoporosis later in life.

As youth passes to adulthood, other alfalfa benefits will aid in staying healthy. Alfalfa is known to lower the risk of atherosclerotic plaques and reduce the level of bad cholesterol. It helps to stabilise blood sugar, especially when taken with manganese. Pituitary gland and immune system function are improved with regular alfalfa consumption, also.

Alfalfa continues to help adults stay healthy through their declining years. It is known to relieve arthritic pain, to optimise liver function and to purify the blood. It contains enzymes to aid digestion and prevent reflux. Alfalfa works as a gentle laxative and diuretic, as well as helping to prevent urinary infections. Alfalfa even contains high amounts of K2 to help prevent bone loss in the postmenopausal women.


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